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Hello! Let’s try to introduce Paris Nomads by answering a few questions:

  • Who is Paris Nomads creator?
  • Why did you create Paris Nomads?
  • When did you create Paris Nomads?
  • Where did you get this idea?

Who is Paris Nomads creator?

I’m Arnaud and I live in Paris for about 20 years. I’m also working in Paris in Information and Technologies. I came in Paris for my 1st job so I discovered this city and I continue to discover it day after day.

Why did you create Paris Nomads?

I created Paris Nomads because most of the time, when I discover a nice place in Paris, I take a picture to remember this place. Sometimes I visit the place when it’s possible or I take a drink when it’s a bar, … And then I have many pictures and my memories. Not enough to share and allow other people to discover. As a consequence, I decided to create a place to share my feelings about the places I’ve visited.

When and how did you create Paris Nomads?

In fact, it was just an idea at the beginning but I didn’t have time to develop it. During summer 2022, when the temperature was too hot to go out, I decided to start by buying this domain name. Then I did not do anything with it (so sad)… And a few months later I started again with the technical stack and the first posts writing during spring 2023.

Where did you get this idea?

I got this idea in my sofa. I was looking for nice place to visit for the coming holidays. I remembered that many friends or family members also asked me for my advice concerning places to visit in Paris.

Now, before we finish, I’d like to give you the last word. I hope you understand better the purpose of this website. I do it on my free time, it’s not a job (that’s why I put some ads in order to pay the hosting service) and it’s always a pleasure to share with others so if you have any suggestion, feedback, place you’d like to share, feel free to contact me thought the dedicated form.